Gunman shoots at house in Amsterdam Noord

An unknown gunman shot at a house in Dijkmanshuizenstraat in Amsterdam on Saturday evening. There is a bullet hole in the glass of a window.

No one was injured, local news source AT5 reports. The police, who themselves have not yet confirmed anything on their communication channels, are said to have arrested a suspect.

After a report around 8 p.m., a search was conducted via Burgernet for a man aged 18 to 22 who was wearing a black jacket and black trousers. He fled on a men’s bicycle. Shortly afterward, someone was arrested. It is still unclear whether it is the fleeing cyclist.

Neighborhood terrorized
According to AT5, it has been restless for a while in Dijkmanshuizenstraat in Amsterdam Noord. Two nights ago, the same house was shot. On Friday, residents were informed about measures. There will be camera surveillance in the street, they read in a letter from the municipality.

In October, Mayor Femke Halsema had already stationed CCTV in the street after a house was shot at and two explosions took place. This was discontinued in January.